ACS Nano
Flexible, transparent, and force-sensitive touch screens using cross-aligned AgNW electrodes integrated with mechanochromic spiropyran–polydimethylsiloxane composite film. Our force-sensitive touch screens enable the precise monitoring of dynamic writings, tracing and drawing of underneath pictures, and perception of handwriting patterns with locally different writing forces.
NPG Asia Materials
High performance aqueous Na-air battery demonstration by urchin shaped a-MnO2 nanowires grown on porous rGO coated carbon microfiber mat.
Advanced Materials
By mimicking muscle actuation to control cavity-pressure-induced adhesion of octopus suckers, smart adhesive pads are developed in which the thermoresponsive actuation of a hydrogel layer on elastomeric microcavity pads enables excellent switchable adhesion in response to a thermal stimulus (maximum adhesive strength: 94 kPa, adhesion switching ratio: ≈293 for temperature change between 22 and 61 °C).
Nano Letters
Here, we introduce a capillary printing technique to precisely control the NW alignment and the percolation behavior of AgNW networks.
Science Advances
Fingertip skin-mimicking ferroelectric skins sensitively detect and discriminate static/dynamic pressure and temperature
Journal of Materials Chemistry A
We suggest a particle-film plasmonic system with active control of particle-film gap distances based on pH-responsive block copolymer micelle-metal monolayer arrays on metal films.

Functional Nanomaterials and Devices

Our research interests are centered on the development of functional nanomaterials and devices based on the micro- and nanostructures. We are interested in exploiting the fabrication strategies combining “bottom-up” assembly and “top-down” lithography to hierarchically organize organic and inorganic nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes, graphenes, nanowires, nanoparticles, …) on multiple length scales. We also seek to understand the fundamental physical properties of individual nanomaterials and the collective behavior of the organized micro- and nanostructures, which is central to the rational development of functional devices. Ultimately, these micro- and nanostructures may find use in electronics, optics, sensors, and biomedical devices.
Ko lab

News & Achievement

Congratulations for Winning the Best Oral Presentation Award in 2017 Fall Polymeer Society of Korea

Posted on 16 Oct 2017
Minjeong Ha received the Best Oral Presentation Award in 2017 Fall Polymeer Society of Korea

Congratulations for winning the Outstanding Poster Paper Award in IMID 2016

Posted on 04 Oct 2016
Hochan Lee received the Outstanding Poster Paper Award in The 16th International Meeting on Informat

Congratulations for Winning the Best Oral Presentation Award in 2016 MRS-K Spring Meeting

Posted on 30 Jun 2016
Minjeong Ha received the Best Oral Presentation Award in 2016 Spring meeting of Materials Research S

Congratulations for winning the Best Award in 2016 MRS spring meeting

Posted on 30 Mar 2016
Youngoh Lee received the Best Award in 2016 Materials Research Society spring meeting

Congratulations for winning the Samsung Electronics sponsored 22nd HumanTech Paper Award.

Posted on 25 Jan 2016
Seongdong Lim won a bronze award in physical device division.  

Recent Publications

Journal publicatoin: Electrochimica Acta

Posted on 19 Oct 2017
Ziyauddin Khan, Nazish Parveen, Sajid Ali Ansari, S.T. Senthikumar, Seungyoung Park, Youngsik Kim, M

Journal publication: Advanced Materials Interfaces

Posted on 19 Oct 2017
Ziyauddin Khan,* Baskar Senthilkumar, Seongdong Lim, Ravi Shanker, Youngsik Kim, and Hyunhyub Ko*, &

Journal publication: ACS Nano

Posted on 13 Apr 2017
Seungse Cho, Saewon Kang, Ashish Pandya, Ravi Shanker, Ziyauddin Khan, Youngsu Lee, Jonghwa Park, St

Journal publication: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Posted on 30 Sep 2016
Doo-Seung Um, Youngsu Lee, Seongdong Lim, Jonghwa Park, Wen-Chun Yen, Yu-Lun Chueh, Hyung-jun Kim, a

Journal publication: Nano Research

Posted on 30 Sep 2016
Seongdong Lim, Doo-Seung Um, Minjeong Ha, Qianpeng Zhang, Youngsu Lee, Yuanjing Lin, Zhiyong Fan, an

Position available

There are several openings for graduate students and researchers in the area of functional nanomaterials and devices. Feel free to contact Prof. Ko (e-mail:, tel: 052-217-2532) if you are interested.